I am a 36 years old spanish geologist graduated in 2015. I work as administrative assistant in the Regional Health System.

I was a child prodigy, but my life went to the wrong way in adolescence with drugs abuse.

I have low grade Asperger disorder and schizoaffective disorder associated to drug abuse. I am sometimes a bit weird, sorry and please don't blame myself.

I was good in chess when I was a child. I won several tournaments and I was selected to be teached by GM de la Villa at Federation. But I left it when I was 10 years old for playing tennis. Huge mistake, I would be a master if I had continued.

I returned to play at University. I am federated and I play on a club. I am better in the tactical aspect of the game, my top pic in chess.com tactics trainer is 2700. My top rating is 1930 in rapids in French Federation. It is now that I start to study a bit of theory to try to play at higger tables.

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