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Why was the analyse immortal draw question deleted an hour ago?

You posted an almost exact duplicate of a previously closed question of yours. Of course it was deleted.
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Questions inappropriately closed are too hard to reopen

Questions are closed when they get 5 "ordinary" close votes or 1 moderator. Reopening uses the same standard. As it happens, both the close and the reopen on this one were done by a ...
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Questions inappropriately closed are too hard to reopen

I apologize to the OP and to @SteveBennett for the delayed response. TL;DR: I immediately upvoted the question when I first saw it. I also cast a close vote initially because of the dual request for ...
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Please give suggestions to improve question on Josh Waitzkin further

Re-opened already. thank you Rewan Demontay, GloriaVictis, lodebari, double-beep, Laska notably missing the CLOSER(/s) of the post.
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Questions inappropriately closed are too hard to reopen

Just an idea - spam/abusive/copy/... question (anything that can't be healed) can still be closed by 1 mod vote, whereas for unfocused/subjective/... (better edit than close) questions a mod vote ...
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Please consider reopening or otherwise give suggestions for improvement: Are the chessmaster lectures (insert antonym of outdated)?

This has been reopened. Thus the question is completed and accounted for.
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