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Peer voting on questions and answers gives users most of their reputation, and also usually controls how posts are sorted to the top.

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How big of a problem is it that upvotes are received not by the quality of the answer but by the popularity of the question?

I noticed quite frequently already, that answers that I consider very good and where I (or others) have put in a lot of effort and research are not (only) rewarded by upvotes by their quality but by a ...
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Please give suggestions to improve question on data hunting for titles further

Ok fine, how do I answer questions like records for youngest to obtain a certain title? 6 downvotes in 4 hours. that's gotta be a record. Anyway so far I just cut down the non-IM stuff and highlighted ...
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Vote to reopen "Carlsen reaching 2900 in classical format?"

I've nominated the above question for reopening. Since it asks "Can" instead of "Will", I don't see it being primarily opinion-based. I believe an acceptable answer would be a matter of calculating ...
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Serial Down-voting

I have had some odd behavior with down-voting. I have noticed that just today, in a short span of time, around 6 questions that I have posted have suddenly been down-voted. Some of these questions ...
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-50 points for serial upvoting?

Is there a bug in the system? Why did I lose 50 points for serial up-voting. Some of the voting looks strange too, like it has it was voted at the same exact time when in fact some of my questions or ...
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Vote Early. Vote Often

Voting is a very important part of a healthy community, and I think people should be encouraged to vote as much as possible. This point was raised on Math Stack Exchange, and much of what was said ...
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