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Use along with [meta] to ask about specific questions here on Meta Stack Exchange. Questions about questions on other network sites are off-topic here and should be posted on the site's meta instead.

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Should this question be closed?

Computer science/chess related master's thesis [closed] I want to link this person with a new initiative in mathematical chess problems which was started from an article in the Spanish magazine ...
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Is the Story Chess a bad fit for the site? If not, how can it be improved?

As I type this, my question about Story Time Chess has 3 close votes and 2 down votes. I realize this question is different than many questions on Chess SE, but it's not clear to me that it is a ...
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Are questions that ask for help with specific chess sites, like and, on topic?

My question How do I get the engine to list all the best moves? (I later deleted) was closed by Brian Towers♦ who said This is Chess StackExchange, not the help center. (btw ...
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Non-duplicate question closed as such

I've recently seen regarding capitalizing on opponents not knowing their openings. As you can see, it was closed as a duplicate of What is a good way to learn opening theory. While it is true that ...
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Reopen question 'Chess principles for beginner'

The question Chess principles for beginner has been closed as too broad, but it is a very precise question about the validity and relevance of a particular set of principles. There is, in my honest ...
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Is my question unclear?

Psychology (including confidence) is an important part of any competitive activity, especially chess, where nearly the whole competition is in the minds of the opponents. Preparation and practice help ...
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