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For asking about the process of reopening posts.

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Why was the analyse immortal draw question deleted an hour ago?

How do I analyse immortal draw? I really don't get this game at all. 1 day I just heard about it. I plugged it into lichess. But apparently lichess analysis is getting it wrong. It says move X is a ...
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Please give suggestions to improve question on Josh Waitzkin further

Josh Waitzkin on trading pieces ('the art of the trade') Rewan Demontay and I have already edited the above question. So far there are only 2 re-open votes (vs the apparently only 1 close vote ...
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Please consider reopening or otherwise give suggestions for improvement: Are the chessmaster lectures (insert antonym of outdated)?

Are the chessmaster lectures (insert antonym of outdated)? There was only 1 question really mainly. 1 was a follow up of another and 1 was a side question. In any case I now literally have only 1 ...