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For questions regarding the nature of a "question" on Stack Exchange sites; e.g. how to ask, whether specific questions are appropriate, etc.

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What should we do about the guess the password chess puzzles?

There have been a few of these posted lately. I have been down-voting and casting a vote to close. It's been pointed out that as puzzles, they are technically on topic, however, they aren't very ...
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How big of a problem is it that upvotes are received not by the quality of the answer but by the popularity of the question?

I noticed quite frequently already, that answers that I consider very good and where I (or others) have put in a lot of effort and research are not (only) rewarded by upvotes by their quality but by a ...
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Are the people asking questions citing engine analysis without giving a diagram the same person?

They cite a game, describe a position in words, quote some inconclusive engine analysis, and ask for an answer. Examples: Botvinnik vs Kholmov 1969: is the knight endgame riddle being solved? Did ...
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Should this question be closed?

Computer science/chess related master's thesis [closed] I want to link this person with a new initiative in mathematical chess problems which was started from an article in the Spanish magazine ...
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Questions Tagged Puzzles - Bounty Immediately

Is it possible to enable bounties on questions tagged puzzles to be set immediately? eg; I post a puzzle and then set a bounty on it immediately after posting? How do people feel about this as a "...
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Are questions involving opinions allowed?

I have got a question about asking questions about opinions: Why are they not allowed? As far as I know, I don't find anything wrong with them. And, if this question is closed, that would be a ...
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