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When I ask for motivations, what I really mean is an assumptions check

Why don't Hikaru, Fabi & Nepo buy out Liren so the 3 of them have a playoff to face Gukesh? Like I already said: It's most likely. 1 of my assumptions is wrong. I mean to ask which of the ...
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1 answer

How is asking about the difference between 2 variants opinion-based?

Do chess960 and chess differ for reasons 'far beyond just opening theory'? I'm simply asking what features of chess960 are there that make chess960 different from regular chess besides ...
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How is asking for prospects opinion-based?

What is the point of being a GM but not a superGM? I believe asking Level X+1 over Level X eg GM over IM is like asking the point of a PhD over a master's. I'm sure there a million variations of this ...
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Late closing of opinion-based post?

Post closed as late as 2023Jan20 What is it about Magnus Carlsen? Even Brian Towers ♦ edited Jul 20, 2019 at 11:33 (I assume mod at the time? Or not?) But only 3.5 years later Post Closed as "...
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How can I make a chances question not opinion-based? [duplicate]

Perhaps this is different for sports / gaming SE sites, but I notice similar questions on say Law SE or Academia SE eg Asking the chances of a particular legal strategy: Would it be / have been ...