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For questions about the process of editing, how edits work, and other general inquiries about the edit system.

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Does it matter if British or American English is used?

Once someone edited my post due to changing British to American English, e.g. 'memorise' to 'memorize'. Does it really matter? I am not criticisng that it is wrong, just curious if American language ...
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How many minor edits in a day is too much?

Related: Policy regarding mass minor edits The post Why do we make small edits to very old posts? seems really more about age of post than "size" of the edit. Including just for completeness....
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8 votes
2 answers

Poll - Should we limit number of edits to 5 per day per member?

Currently there is a built-in limit of 5 pending suggested edits per day. That means that if you don't have full edit privileges that any edits you make go into a pending queue where they have to be ...
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Policy regarding mass minor edits

Does Chess SE have an internal policy regarding mass edits? Currently (May 28, 2020), the front page is not in the ideal shape (to put it mildly), and I am unaware of the general "Maintenance Force" ...
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Why do we make small edits to very old posts?

Something I've noticed in the last few days (it's probably been going on longer than that, but a couple days ago it actually bit me, so I noticed it...) - why do we make minor edits (usually small ...
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What is the retagging policy?

For some of the older questions, some of the appropriate tags are missing. If tags are added, the questions are bumped to the front page. Is this seen as undesirable, and should adding tags to old ...
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feature request for editing - suppress BTTT

Can we get an option added to the edit page that will allow an editor to suppress "back to the top" behavior? This will allow an editor to make a perhaps trivial change without wasting the time of ...
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Editing others' posts

Gang, a comment. Every now and them we get a new member who wants to perform edits on others' posts. This is generally encouraged. However, I'd like to opine that the edits should not be ...
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