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Questions specific to down-votes, the community's way of telling peers that their content can be improved. Down-votes on meta site have different meanings.

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How to curb toxic behaviour in downvoting?

I am very disappointed to see that a recent question by a complete newcomer was given -5 votes. See Who created the most chess problems? for a particularly nasty recent example of Stack Exchange's ...
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Received downvotes for most of my questions

Is someone targeting my questions and downvoting them all? Basically all my questions have downvotes.
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Someone just downvoted my answer and question without any reason [duplicate]

Recently, I noticed that someone just downvoted one answer and question of mine in a short period of time without any comments. I suspect a possible hater. What should I do? I have asked for ...
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Please give suggestions to improve question on data hunting for titles further

Ok fine, how do I answer questions like records for youngest to obtain a certain title? 6 downvotes in 4 hours. that's gotta be a record. Anyway so far I just cut down the non-IM stuff and highlighted ...
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Why is this answer downvoted? It answers the question.
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I received several downvotes on chess stack exchange without an obvious reason. What should I do?

On chess stack exchange, I recently received several downvotes without any reason I can think of. What should I do ? Should I flag the questions ? Ignore the downvotes ? The problem with the ...
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