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How do I insert a PGN? [duplicate]

I'm new to stack exchange, and I was wondering: how do I insert a PGN? I want to use them to show different openings, review moves, etc.
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How to use pgn viewer [duplicate]

This seems elementary enough, but how do I use the pgn viewer? I mean how to embed it in a question I want to ask. I searched the help center for "pgn" or "embed chess player" but none of those ...
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For us really old folks, how do you put those diagrams with moves in a question or answer [duplicate]

I think it vaguely has something vaguely to do with something called PGN but not sure what, nor exactly what else we would need to do. Any youngster out there who can answer then please speak up. ...
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how do I create a position with the chess board? [duplicate]

How do I create a chess position to show it on the site, without attaching an actual image?
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Documentation for embedding a game? [duplicate]

I cannot find any information how to embed a position anywhere in the help centre. Here would be a really obvious place for it to be: The only way I can ...
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Can we implement a replayer for chess analysis on the site?

I think that a javascript game replayer would be interesting and useful. For a brief list of requirements - something that can display several variations and move comments as well as be fairly ...
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Tool used to create chess analysis interactive diagrams in many chess stack exchange answers

I'm new here, and I would like to know how some members of this forum are creating these nice chess diagrams for analysing positions in their answers, the picture below explains well what I'm meaning. ...
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Replayer Sandbox

On the main site, we have a feature called the 'PGN viewer' or 'replayer'. How it works is described in this FAQ: How do I add a replayer to my post? and the pgn-viewer tag contains many other ...
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A list of “unknown” features of the replayer

The site’s replayer is a unique and useful tool, but there are some features of it the seem to a few little known that should be more widely known. While there are questions about how to implement it, ...
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Sandbox post; do what you like here if you want to test out formatting, etc

I'm posting this for my own benefit as well as for others' - feel free to answer, edit, comment anything you like (as long as you keep it civil, of course!). This is the place to try out new formats, ...
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Should the help section have a PGN viewer tutorial?

I would like to suggest that the help section should have a tutorial on putting a PGN viewer in a post - question or answer. I have mainly come from mathematics where the use of mathematical ...
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How does the site's new PGN viewer work?

In particular, what controls are available when playing through a game?
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What enhancements do we need for the replayer?

We expressed the need for a replayer, and thanks to Andrew's replayer and balpha's implementation, this is now totally operational. Awesome, how could it be better ? How could it be better ? This ...
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How a new player like me, can upload a game?

Yesterday I played a game and I did some mistakes that I see now, but I want to know If I right, but how I can upload the png file to here?
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Instructions to post a game in the Help, FAQ, or even WYSIWIG editor

I've been trying to implement a nice diagram and have no idea how. Based on Is it possible to make little changes to the FEN diagram I tried [FEN ""] 1k1r3r/pPbn4/4p3/8/3Pp1B1/2q3pP/2P1Q1P1/R3K2R w ...
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