My question

How do I get the chess.com engine to list all the best moves? (I later deleted)

was closed by Brian Towers♦ who said

This is Chess StackExchange, not the chess.com help center.

And yet this is allowed:

How do I play 30 second games on chess.com?

Why? What's the rule for this?

Note: I think resource recommendation questions like this Play online live game against a friend with time odds? are ok


From the help center,

In general, questions which can be answered without significantly referencing any chess-specific data (other than whatever data was presented by the question) are off-topic. Chess-specific data means data that would be directly invalidated without reference to chess.

So the three questions are off-topic. The first two are about how to interact with the interface of a chess website and the last is a software recommendation. If you exchange "chess" with "tic-tac-toe" they would still be meaningful questions, they aren't about chess.

  • if they are all off-topic, then how come some are not closed or deleted? – BCLC Mar 4 at 10:53
  • 1
    @BCLC The community or a moderator has to vote to close them. Why that did not happen I don't know. I've just flagged both as off-topic. – Quasímodo Mar 4 at 18:37

While they may be technically off-topic, perhaps we could make some exceptions. Seeing as how they, and many other questions, are not closed, it certainly seems that some selection of them remain accepted by the community. Lichess and chess.com are the top two chess sites, along with others such as chess24. It may be time to rewrite that section of the rules.

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