On boardgamegeek someone thrifted a copy of a chess set that is unusual. Most of us cannot nail down what it is. To be fair it is possible it isn't even chess but it really looks like it could be one. I would be able to provide pictures and piece breakdowns.

Would a question like this on the main site be viable/on-topic?

If on topic I will make a proper question in main as to not distract the purpose of this meta question. If off-topic I will take it to chat although that looks to be not too busy.


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Since you have some doubts already if it's really a chess variant, I propose you ask this question on our sister site Board & Card Games. They have an [identify-this-game] tag which is quite popular (and successful). And if does turn out to be a chess variant, well, they do not exclude chess from their scope.

  • One of the answers I expected. I will give it a shot over there. Wonder how many folks here are also on that stack.
    – Matt
    Aug 29, 2020 at 13:25

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