I undertook a mission in the spring of 2019 for this sight-eliminate the Unanswered Questions list down to 0. When I began, there was an absurd total of 75.

Now we are down to 23 questions, with a former record of 18 or 19 at some point. Nearly all of them are from this year (erm, unproductive summer I suppose plus a lot of them are programming questions, so there's also that). It took a lot of upvotes and answering to get there!

Only 5 remain that are not from this year. Once put to rest, all that will remain are from this year. It's almost the end of an era for unanswered questions.

I encourage everyone to go look at the list and see if they can answer any of the unanswered questions. The less there are, the better.

However, some of them seem to have no possible answer (one that is absurdly difficult to find) and are on-topic. What should be done about such questions?

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What should be done about such questions?

Fermat's Last Theorem was proposed in 1637 and only solved in 1994. If the field of mathematics can survive for 357 years with an unanswered question so can chess stack exchange.

I say, leave them for future generations to struggle with.

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