I would like to get some clarification on the following guidance from the help center:

Questions about variants may or may not be accepted, depending how far removed from the standard game it is.

Personally I find chess variants a fascinating treasure trove of ideas and would love to see more questions asked about them. However the help center text (quoted above) is unfortunately quite vague about what is on topic and what is not regarding chess variants.

There are two other questions about this topic that I am aware of: Are International Variants on Topic? and Does the Chess stackexchange includes chess-variant question?.

Some specific examples I would like to know about:

  1. Dobutsu Shogi (small board shogi variant)
  2. EuroShogi (shogi with western equipment)
  3. Arimaa (arguably not a chess variant, but a very interesting game that can be played using chess equipment)

Which of these are acceptable chess variants?

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    Possible duplicate of Are International Variants on Topic? – Brandon_J Jan 29 at 17:44
  • @Brandon_J, that question does not discuss the variants I am interested in. It is exactly this vagueness (mentioned in my question) that led me to ask my own question to push for a little clarification. Specifically, that question does not answer explicitly whether any of my three examples is considered an on-topic chess variant or not. – hkBst Jan 31 at 9:42

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