I’ve noticed that when there’s a question about “the best response” to some move in an opening, answerers will often cite a database of master-level games and respond with the top scoring responses in the database. While I don’t have a problem with that, these answers will often only contain that information with no explanation or analysis. This doesn’t seem like a very helpful way to answer.

Is there any policy for what an answer to these “best response questions” should contain? Or is it just something that gets sorted by voting?

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There's no policy at the moment, and IMHO there shouldn't be one. You can always downvote the answer if you think it is not useful:

enter image description here

or, if you do think it's useful, upvote it. Personally, I always try to add an explanation about the quality/popularity of certain moves, but sometimes it's hard to tell why a move is good/popular.

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