I'm trying to find out how to annotate a game. I can't find this in any sidebar. Its inclusion incredibly helps as a reference.

Instead, I see many links that are trying to take me off of the site! I should want to stay on this site, and it would improvably help me focus on my task if I didn't venture off into wondering what Il Est means, even if that knowledge does help a lot!

How can I remove this sidebar?


There are a couple of ways to avoid the Hot Network Questions, including ad-blockers and userscripts/stylesheets. They are listed on the main Meta.

For the replayer, you can just favorite this Meta question or bookmark the corresponding answer in your browser. It has already been suggested to add it to the Help Center, but as the Help Center is a shared feature among all Stack Exchange sites, it's unlikely to change.

If you want to dive into the world of userscripts, you can also write one which e.g. adds a special Replayer help button to the post editor.

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