Cyvasse is a game played in G. R. R. Martin's ASOFAI, link here. Martin stated that the game is a little bit like chess (He's USFC 1950 btw), but the question remains, if I ask a question on Cyvasse, does it go to scifi.se or chess.se?


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In short, I'd say no.

I haven't looked at the rules in any particular detail, but it seems to be created as a chess-like game rather than as a modification of chess itself.

I think the problem with allowing it on chess.se would be that: - Conversation is likely to turn to its use in the fictional setting - It would make many more chess-like games open for discussion here. This could lead to a situation (admittedly an extreme case) where actual chess discussion is less common than other games.

I would suggest that Cyvasse be talked about on boardgames.se instead

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