I'm just curious about the number of Grandmaster available on this site

Just asking, answer if you are one

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    I don't think we have GMS, nor IMs at this site. I know we have few FIDE masters, but that is all we can offer for now... Again, this is what I know so far, so maybe I am wrong. This site is still in Beta stage, and has low traffic, so we need more time to "get" GMs to join. Also, it is hard to attract them because I don't see what kind of benefit they could get from answering questions for free, when they usually do this for the money :( Jul 24, 2014 at 10:06

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The only instance of a GM using the site that I am aware of is András Adorján's post, appropriately enough, about books specializing in play from Black's point of view.


Edit to better answer the question:

No active Grandmasters are on this site, as far as I know. Would be nice to have more titled players being active on this site.

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