Boards made from the pre code section such as this:

<pre><code>[fen ""] 1. f3 e5 2. g4 qh4</code></pre>

now show up with a large amount of blank space beneath them. I see almost a full board size of empty space beneath the board now.

Large Board

This is on a windows 7 machine, using chrome 23, with a display resolution of 1048*764.

The reason is that there is a missing css definition which seems to have been accidentally removed.

Using .moves {display: inline;} will fix this issue.

Normal Board

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This is because the css class moves no longer has the definition "display:inline" which causes the div containing class moves to be rendered on the next line below the chess board and introduces a large amount of blank space.

If you want, you can use this code in your browser's url. Make sure that chrome doesn't remove the part that says javascript:


Just open one of the pages, put that in the url, hit enter, and the boards will be fixed.

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