In particular, what controls are available when playing through a game?


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There are 3 main ways to make moves using the replayer:

  1. The control buttons
  2. The keyboard
  3. The mouse scroll wheel

Control Buttons

  • The control buttons at the bottom of the replayer should be fairly self explanatory. You can move forward or backward, flip the board, or move to the start/end of the game.
  • In order to select a variation, click the desired move when the move variation selection window appears.
  • You may also click on the moves on the right of the board in order to go directly to that move.

Keyboard Shortcuts

These keyboard shortcuts will only work when the replayer has focus, that is, after you click on it.

  • / (Right / Left Arrows) - advance or backup through the game

  • / (Up/Down Arrows) - select the variation (when the move variation selection window is visible)

  • Esc (Esc Key) - close the move variation selection window

  • F (F Key) - flip the board (switch white and black)

  • Home / S / H (Home Key, S Key, and H Key) - move to the starting position

  • End / E (End Key and E Key)

    • if the Ctrl (Control Key) is held, move to the end of the game
    • without the Ctrl (Control Key), move to the end of the current variation

Mouse Scroll Wheel

  • Using the scroll wheel will either advance or backup through the game (down and up respectively).
  • If the move variation window is visible, the scroll wheel will force the replayer to make the currently selected move (defaults to the main line move).

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