In a few articles, I see there is a tag of 'variations' on them.

There are 2 possible meanings that I can see for this tag:

  • Variations of a particular opening or even middlegame and endgame positions.
  • Chess variants, such as Suicide, Bughous etc.

'Variations' currently does not have a definition, so it's currently being used for both cases above.

My question would be, which definition should 'variations' be? perhaps a new tag for chess variations be created? i.e. 'variants' or 'chess-variants'?


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Using a variations tag to mean 'variations of a particular opening, middlegame, or endgame position' seems to add little additional information to the question. Like a tag of 'code' on stack overflow. Don't think we need such a generic tag, though something like 'calculation' or 'analysis' is appropriate if that's what the question is about.

Having a variants or chess-variants tag makes a lot of sense though, along with tags for specific chess variants like bughouse, atomic, etc. like you said.


To expand on Bort's answer:

As of this writing, there are 3 questions tagged . On all of them, the variations tag could (and probably should) be replaced with without really losing any meaning.

There was one question referring to chess variants (specifically mentioned Chess 960). I retagged that as just so that it is separate from the questions. Daniel δ had written a fairly exhaustive tag-wiki for , but the information was referring to . I moved the tag-wiki to the correct tag and embellished some as well.

Feel free to re-tag or suggest better wording for anything as well.

  • I like the idea of 'variations' to denote opening variations and 'chess-variants' for just that.
    – PeskyGnat
    May 5, 2012 at 15:34

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